Neutering/Spaying Female & Male Pets

Neutering is a surgical procedure used to prevent pets from reproducing.

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  • Female animals: The common name for neutering a female is spaying, which consists of removing the uterus and ovaries. The technical term is ovario-hysterectomy.
  • Male animals: The common name for neutering a male is castration, which involves the removal of the testicles.

Best Ages for Neutering

  • Bitches: 4-5 months old
  • Male dogs: 4-6 months old
  • Cats (both male and female): 4-5 months
  • Rabbits (female): 6-9 months
  • Rabbits (male): 4-5 months

Bitches can be spayed 12 weeks after the first sign of bleeding.

Over Breeding

With five times more stray dogs than the England. The chances of a dog becoming a stray and ending up destroyed is 20 times greater for a dog in Ireland than it is for a dog in the UK.

While no official figures exist for numbers of stray or destroyed cats in Ireland, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that the country’s feline destruction rate is even higher than the canine equivalent.

Reasons for Neutering

  • Neutering increases your pet’s changes for a longer, healthier life – Spaying your female pet reduces her chances of developing mammary cancer and eliminates the threat of ovarian infections.
  • Neutering your male dog or cat prevents testicular cancer and may prevent prostate problems. Neutered cats are less likely to roam and fight or get killed on the roads.
  • A neutered dog or cat is a better pets.
  • Males neutered early in life are less aggressive towards other dogs and are not distracted by females in heat.
  • Spaying your female pet eliminates the problem of stray males camping in your garden and decreases her desire to roam and breed.


Neutering a Dog

Owners may believe it is unfair to deny their pet the opportunity to breed. This is a personal choice lets read some fact’s
Every day in Ireland, approximately 27 unwanted and abandoned puppies and dogs have to be put to sleep and even more so in Towns in Kerry including Tralee, Killarney and Killorglin.

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